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Under ideal conditions, our skin gets and keeps all the moisture it needs. But who lives in ideal conditions? Modern life presents an environment full of moisture-depleting conditions, making restoring our skin’s hydration a top priority.

LOVASKIN Instant Moisturizer is a luxurious cream which has been formulated with highly potent hydrating and nourishing plant extracts and actives. It's rich, non-greasy cream is easy to apply and leaves the skin irresistibly soft and supple. It will provide your skin with instant and long lasting moisture and hydration to protect your skin’s natural barrier. LOVASKIN Instant Moisturizer is a multi-purpose cream which can and should be used both on feet and hands.

Our moisturizer does not contain any parabens, artificial preventive or synthetic color. The preservative is a natural emollient with skin conditioning and anti-bacterial properties. Your skin deserves the best skincare and to be treated with love. 

Main actives in our Instant Moisturizer :

  • Swiss glacier water
  • Prikly pear extract
  • Coco nut Oil
  • Edelweiss flower
  • Shea butter
  • Baobab oil
  • Peat and Iceland moss, rock cap fern
  • Honey

Frequent hand washing removes dirt and pathogens. Unfortunately, it also strips the skin of its protective oils. The skin lipid barrier is the thin protective layer of oil on the surface of the skin which creates a shield between the environment and the epidermis. It helps protect the skin and helps lock moisture in. By stripping the skin-lipid barrier, hands are likely to dehydrate and get damaged. To shield the skin from chronic coronavirus-induced hand washing and sanitising, use our LOVASKIN Instant Moisturizer to fight dry and cracked skin.

Keep your skin healthy and youthful looking by including LOVASKIN Instant Moisturizer in your regular beauty routine.


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